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When renovated, each room with have a front deck with a view of Mt. Drum to the east.
Each unit will include an efficiency kitchen and
private lavatory/shower.
One unit will have two side-by-side full-sized beds.
The other will have a queen bed and roll-up twin bed.


We acquired the mobile unit from a now-closed
Bible College in nearby Glennallen.


Our newest addition: During late summer 2022 we acquired a mobile unit that had within two efficiency apartments. 
Now identified as Unit C, it will contain rooms #9 & #10


We will be replacing both exterior doors and several of the windows. We will add new flooring after repainting the rooms.
New stoves & refrigerators will be added. The sink will get a new, modern faucet.
Finally, we will add new beds.

We expect to have at least one of these two new rooms ready by mid-summer 2023.  Because we cannot commit on a completion schedule, we will not make these rooms bookable until each room is ready for occupancy.


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