AS a hostel or inn guest, you can have complimentary continental breakfast in the bar: 8am to 10am*

*As per state law, you must be at least 21 years of age in order to enter this bar, a licensed establishment, unaccompanied. Minors may only enter if with a parent, legal guardian or spouse of legal age. No minors in bar after 8PM. 

Our all-new Pancake-making Machine 

Season 2022 is the first year of Uncle Nic's Inn & Hostel as a true B&B. So we decided to add something relatively-unique to Alaskan B&Bs: A machine where YOU press the button to make YOUR OWN pancake in 30 seconds! AND it comes with a choice of THREE toppings: maple, blueberry, strawberry. 


Along with your hot pancake, you will have a choice of yogurts, cold juices, coffee and cold cereal. And possibly more. This will be available every morning in the bar from 8am until 10am. 

Breakfast here

This is the juice dispensing machine that will be available each morning to our room guests from 8am until 10am at the bar

The Copper Rail Depot compound resembles a historic Alaskan pre-WWII gold mining camp: 
Copper River
Klutina River
CRD Bar & Breakfast