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We are half the way time-wise between Anchorage ( 3 1/2 hours to here) to McCarthy (another 3 1/2 hours). And we are  2 hours to Valdez and 4 1/2 hours to Fairbanks. If you start heading our way from any direction later in the day, we are a particularly handy place to stop, have a bite to eat at our new take-out service (closes at 9pm most nights) and then get a good nights sleep at a decent price:



The Inn and Saloon are roughly 205 highway miles from downtown Anchorage, 165 miles from Fairbanks, 155 miles from Tok and 100 miles from Valdez.











From Glennallen take the second exit to Copper Center, just before reaching MP 100 of the Richardson Highway (Hwy 4).

You will have crossed two rivers from the junction of Hwy 4 and Hwy 1, the Glenn Highway: The Tazlina River at MP 111 and the Klutina River at MP 101 before reaching this junction.

Just prior to MP 100, you will turn left, heading down the hill, once again crossing the Klutina River on the Old Richardson. Turn right at the first road just beyond the bridge.  You are now on the Copper Center Loop Road.







You will find us about 500 feet down that road on the right. The card rack outside the ba has your check-in receipt and door code,  if you have a reservation. Otherwise you will need to check-in at the bar,  just inside the door. 

If you already have your key code, just proceed to your assigned room.


Specific Instructions:


General Instructions:

From the junction of the Glenn Hwy 1 with Richardson Hwy 4, turn south toward Valdez. 

Head about 14 miles to MP 100, turn left at the Old Richardson Hwy / Copper Center junction. Cross the Klutina River and turn right onto Copper Center Loop Rd. Uncle Nic's Inn is about 500 feet east and on the right. The first building is the bar, which serves as the check-in desk.

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